Academics at Southwestern Oregon Community College

Southwestern provides an extensive array of college classes leading to degree or certificate programs, as well as testing (including GED), Business Development Center services and workshops, professional and continuing education classes and a variety of enrichment and life-long learning opportunities.

Many degree and certificate programs may have classes offered through our Curry Campus or through Distance Learning online. 


Deans Team Annual  Plan

Deans Team Annual Plan-Project List

Project List- Top Six Prioritized 

Class Cancellations


Date Instructor Class/Time
4-23-14 Ingham

WR 122- 9 am
WR 121- 10 am
WR 122- 11 am
WR 122- 12 pm



Date Instructor Class/Time
4-23-14 Hunter SOC 206 - 3 pm
4-24-14 Hunter ANTH 223- 6 pm

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