Criminal Justice

Students pursuing a career in Criminal Justice Administration have several career options in public and private corrections and law enforcement arenas. Law enforcement officers may be responsible for protection of life and property, prevention of crimes, and the arrest of violators. Corrections officers may be responsible for maintaining discipline and order in prisons, jails, detention centers, and halfway houses through the supervision and control of residents. Management opportunities in criminal justice and criminal justice administration can include local, state, and federal agency work. Persons competing for entry level criminal justice employment will generally be required to complete an employment application, written and oral exam, drug and psychological screen, background investigation, polygraph, medical exam, and physical ability/agility testing.

Employment Opportunities: Criminal justice administration employment opportunities range from fair to excellent with occupational titles that include Police Officer, Corrections Officer, Criminalist, Crime Scene Investigator, Deputy Sheriff, Crime Scene Evidence Technician, Community Inmate Post-Release Supervisor, Victim Assistance Coordinator, Juvenile Facility Officer, Community Service Officer.

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