Public Safety

Fire Science
A position as a career firefighter is considered one of the most challenging and dangerous jobs in the United States. Firefighters enjoy a great deal of job satisfaction (many polls indicate that a career as a firefighter is the most rewarding job in the United States). Fire science professionals work in residential, industrial, commercial, medical, airport, rescue, wildland, educational, and regulatory arenas. Fire science curriculum can include suppression fire fighting, emergency medical services, specialized rescue, aircraft fire suppression, wildland interface, fire prevention, and fire marshall inspection.

Employment Opportunities: Fire science positions are among the most competitive career tracks in the employment market. Firefighters often enjoy higher retirement benefit levels, and early retirements are often available. Occupational titles include Recruit Firefighter, Firefighter, Engineer/Pumper Operator, Company Officer, Chief Officer, Crew Boss, Strike Team Leader, ARFF (aircraft rescue fire fighting) Firefighter, Fire Marshall, Public Education Specialist, Rescue Specialist, EMT-Basic through Paramedic.

Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency medical technicians find themselves in a fast-paced, challenging, and sometimes dangerous career. This career brings a great deal of professional and personal satisfaction, since the primary function is to help others. Career ladder opportunities available include: EMT-Basic (basic life support) professionals are authorized to provide basic airway management, CPR, and patient support during transport; EMT-Intermediate (basic life support) professionals are further authorized to mechanically intubate a patient to assist with breathing as well as start intravenous fluid administration; EMT-Paramedic (advanced life support) professionals are additionally authorized to administer life-saving drugs in the field.

Employment Opportunities: Emergency medical technician career opportunities range from good to excellent with occupational titles that include EMT, Hospital Technician, Ambulance Operator, Medic, Plant Medic, and Emergency Room Technician.

Degree and Certificate Options

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