AC* - Accounting/Bookkeeping

AC2331/2332 Federal and State Income Tax I, II

4 credits/term (4 lec hrs/wk) Students determine and report federal and state personal income taxes. Designed to assist established or potential income tax preparers. Approved by Oregon Department of Commerce for hours of instruction required to take preparers' and consultants' exam.

AC2764 Small Business Accounting

4 credits (4 lec hr/wk) This course covers the most important aspects of small business accounting, as well as ways to develop the skills and capabilities that current and future employers need. Students will set up a typical accounting system for a small business, enter data, track cash and liabilities, and prepare financial statements. This is an introductory course intended for students with no prior accounting experience. Prerequisite: MTH94 or higher with a 'C' or better.

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