GEOG - Geography

GEOG105 Cultural Geography

3 credits     (3 lec hrs/wk)  This course examines the nexus of human and environmental interaction. We will consider issues such as the origins of domestication of animals and plants for food, economic development and underdevelopment, environmental racism, and the geographic origins of cultural differences.

GEOG209 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate

4credits     (4 lec hrs/wk)  Examines the processes of the atmosphere, the distribution and character of climate types, climate change, and humankind as a modifier of climate.

GEOG265/CS125GI Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

3 credits    (2 lec, 3 lab hrs/wk)  Course introduces students to principles and practices of GIS, while providing experience using a contemporary GIS software package. Course develops both a theoretical understanding of GIS and experience in accessing GIS data sets. Students are exposed to raster and vector GIS.

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