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MLT* - Medical Laboratory Technology (Phlebotomy)

MLT2005 Basic Phlebotomy

4 credits    (3 lec, 2 lec/lab hrs/wk)  Develops basic understanding and application of blood specimen collection and handling techniques used in the ambulatory care and hospital laboratory setting.  Includes state and federal regulations, quality assurance practices, laboratory terminology, staffing and a basic understanding of quality laboratory testing.  Students will be required to perform various waived tests and demonstrate an understanding of the necessity of accuracy and attention to detail.  This course is restricted for Phlebotomy and Medical Assisting Students.  Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Phlebotomy program.

MLT2010 Advanced Phlebotomy

2 credits    (2 lec hrs/wk)  This is the second course in the Phlebotomy program sequence.  The course introduces new concepts in the clinical laboratory including lab management; state and federal regulations such as HIPPA, CLIA, and Medicare; point of care testing and prevention of laboratory errors.  Prerequisite: MLT2005 Basic Phlebotomy with a "C" or better.

MLT2015 Phlebotomy Clinical I

3 credits    (9 lab hrs/wk)
This is the first of two clinical lab classes for students enrolled in the Phlebotomy program.  This lab experience will introduce the students to the laboratory environment.  Students will be applying and demonstrating the knowledge skills and attitudes learned in Basic Phlebotomy. Prerequisite: CS101, WR115, MTH80, MLT2005, AH111 with a "C" or better.

MLT2020 Phlebotomy Clinical II

2 credits    (6 lab hrs/wk)  This is the second clinical lab for students enrolled in the Phlebotomy program.  The students continue to perform venipunctures and other procedures performed by phlebotomists.  The students continue to prepare for the Phlebotomy Technician PBT (ASCP) certification.  Prerequisite: MLT2010 and MLT2015 with a "C" or better.

MLT2280 Cooperative Work Experience

8 credits    (24 lab hrs/wk)  This course provides the student an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience in coordinator approved situations that closely parallel with the field of study.  Prerequisite: Instructor consent and acceptable background check and drug screening.

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