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Associate of Applied Science Computer Information Systems

The Associate of Applied Science Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree offers a program that provides students a curriculum consisting of a broad foundation of courses focused on technical support in a networked environment.  This degree prepares students for a w2ide variety of employment opportunities in the computer information services industry.  The program offers students the opportunity to gain a combination of knowledge and practical hands-on experience to support both an organizations information technology infrastructure and the people who use it.  The CIS program additionally provides a broad variety of professional continuing education, classes and certificates for professionals already working in the field and provides technology service classes for students studying in other disciplines.

Students completing the AAS CIS will be prepared to seek entry-level employment and entrepreneurial in occupations such as network administrators, systems administrators, support technician, and applications specialist/trainer.

Students planning to earn a bachelor's degree are responsible for researching the departmental requirements of the school to which they plan to transfer.  Students planning to transfer may want to consider the AA/OT, AGS, or AS degree options. 


For more information contact:
Chris Williamson, Computer Information Systems Professor
(541) 888-7329

(Updated Jul 10, 2014)