Associate of Applied Science Administrative Office Professional

The Associate of Applied Science Administrative Office Professional jobs are in high demand and exist in every type of business, industry, or non-profit organization. Increasing office automation and organizational restructuring will continue to make secretaries and administrative assistants more productive in the coming years. In addition to the need to have current technology skills, many secretarial and administrative duties are of a personal, interactive nature, and therefore are not easily automated. Responsibilities such as planning conferences, working with clients, and instructing staff require tact and communication skills.

This degree prepares the student for entry into administrative office positions leading to careers such as an administrative professional, medical/legal professional, or careers in other office specialties. Students will develop abilities that create opportunities for promotion, job transition, and positions of greater responsibility in the workplace.

The program provides a strong foundation of office and technology skills as well as course work in business communications, business theory, interpersonal relations and business law. Program emphasis is placed on preparing the student to perform complex tasks including the integration of workplace skills that emphasize communication, teamwork, project management and problem-solving.

Students may choose to enter the program by completing the Certificate of Completion Clerical or the Certificate of Completion Bookkeeping or by the Administrative Office Professional: Career Pathway Certificate of Completion: Office Receptionist.  The coursework for these certificates will apply towards completion of the AAS Administrative Office Professional Degree.

For more information contact:
Diana Schab, Dean of Career Technical Education
(541) 888-7312