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Associate of Science Forestry Emphasis

The Associate of Science Forestry Emphasis provides students with an introduction to the technical and scientific knowledge related to the field of forestry and forest management.  This set of classes satisfies the requirements for an Associate of Science degree and also meets the lower division requirements at Oregon State University (OSU) for a bachelor of Science degree in forestry.  For Fall 2014, it is anticipated that there will be a signed articulation agreement with the Forestry Department at OSU that should allow student that complete this AS degree and two additional courses to enter OSU as a junior in the Forestry program.  Beyond the AS degree requirements, students will need to take the Forest Biology course (FOR 240) from OSU which can be completed online.  In addition, students will need to take a Physics course which is not calculus based.  Currently SWOCC does not offer a physics course that satisfies this requirement.

The forestry field is projected to have many career opportunities coming up in the next decade as many forestry and natural resource professionals retire in the next few years.  If you enjoy working outdoors and want to have a career that focuses on managing our valuable forest lands to conserve and protect resources as well as produce valuable products for society, this is an excellent time to consider this degree.

The AS degree with a Natural Resources Emphasis was developed with Oregon State University.  We have a signed articulation agreement with OSU.  

(Updated Sep 16, 2014)