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Associate of Science Marine Biology Emphasis

The Associate of Science Marine Biology Emphasis is designed for students who intent to transfer to the University of Oregon (UO) and complete their degree at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB), majoring in marine biology. The background offered by this major, however, is entirely appropriate for preparation for upper division emphasis in other professional fields like medical, dental or veterinary school.

The Associate of Science Marine Biology Emphasis curriculum has been specifically designed to meet the majority of the lower-division requirements for the UO's Marine Biology or UO's Biology with Marine Biology Emphasis degree program. It's very important to begin work with your UO faculty advisor, who will keep you apprised of all degree requirements and the most current curriculum revisions.

A marine biology major will receive the same solid background in modern biology (including cell biology, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, physiology and ecology) as a UO general biology major, but will also experience several terms of the hands-on field-based learning for which marine laboratories, including OIMB, are renowned.   Both the Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) campus and the UO/OIMB campus have student housing and dining halls to accommodate the students.

Career options for marine biology graduates include jobs in state and federal government, advanced training for research and teaching in the marine sciences, and most other careers available to broadly trained biologists.

SWOCC students enrolled in the AS Marine Biology emphasis spend time in classes on the SWOCC campus, as well as a class or two at the OIMB.  To be accepted into the UP Marine Biology program, the four-year degree will require couses at SWOCC, UO, and at least three terms at OIMB in Charleston.  At SWOCC, students take introductory biology courses and fulfill chemistry, mathematics, physics, and general education requirements.  Upper division biology courses are taken at OIMB and UO, Eugene. 

On completion of the general biology sequences (BI201, 202, 203 at SWOCC; or BI211, 212, and 213 at UO; and BI214 at UO) students may apply to become a UO/OIMB marine biology major.  A written statement of purpose and academic standing (i.e., overall GPA and GPA in the sciences) will be used to determine entry into the program major.  The statement of purpose contains questions that focus on the career goals and plans.  See UO/OIMB website for details relating to application to the program.  Links can be found below.


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(Updated Sep 16, 2014)