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Directors have an important role in departmental administration. As seasoned instructors and experienced supervisors, Directors are charged with responsibilities that encompass course management, hiring coordination, department oversight, and academic planning.

Directors can find assistance in navigating the department management processes at Southwestern by accessing theInstructional Administrators Handbook which is updated annually by the Office of Instruction. The electronic version is bookmarked and easily searchable by clicking Ctrl + F. As changes are made, supplemental information will be added to the online handbook keeping faculty operational materials as up-to-date as possible.

For changes or corrections to the Office of Instruction web pages, please email Anna Chavez.

Director Department Contact Info Disciplines
Shawn Hanlin ext. 1546 OCCI OCCI/Dining Services Culinary Arts
Karen Matson  ext.  7345 Director of Learning Resources e-Learning, Library
Bonnie Maxwell  541.751.2253 Director of Correctional Education ABE/GED
Laurie Potts ext. 7336 Fam Ctr Family Center Early Childhood Education
Paul Reynolds ext. 7296 Fire Tower Emergency Services Training Programs Fire Science
Arlene Soto 756-6445 BDC SWOCC BDC Business Development Center
Susan Walker ext. 7298 Sumner 5 Nursing Director Nursing, BNA, CNA2

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Instructional Administrators Handbook 12-13
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