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Gifts, Talents and Strengths I Will Offer...

Gift Card 2
 An open mind to both receive and ponder what other people bring to the table. 


Story reader, tole painting, shopping for others that can't drive, creativity in decorating
Positivity, excitement, big heart, ideas, openess, free coffee
Positive, understanding, humor, empathy, joy
Creative problem solver
Facilitating groups, networking, bringning people together for a common cause or to brainstorm, connecting, contacting, conversation
I can spread the word to our community what we are about if it is a simple message
People person-enjoy working with people, positive attitude 
Smiles, attitude (good)
Humor, dedication
Creativity, positivity, broad knowledge
Positive attitude, support and promote SWOCC in community, be an example
Support to great ideas. If you value the creativity and collaboration of your employees new ideas will work. 
I can
History, community connections, pre-college programs
Open mindedness, teamwork, positivity
Good looking campus if I can stay working on the grounds
My organizational skills
Positive attitude, caring, important to see people succeed
Informal leadership
Work for pay
I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. I am a hard working. I can lead and follow
I am a team player with a calm demeanor.
Organization, nonjudgmental listener, able to see opposing sides of situation, facilitate solutions through group process
Brainstorming, idea innovation, improvisation
My patience and persistance. My listening skills. My ability to bring people together to work toward a common goal. 
Quality teaching every day
My support, willingness and energy to move the college forward to create a health community
Have a vision and see it through
Student centered, counseling geared toward retention and completion
Desire and enthusiams for helping others, identify their strenghts, abilities and passions. 
Support, community outreach
I am a motivator and a sales person. I am positive and full of energy  
My passion for my subject and the community
Being organized, knowling when to step back and let other people do their part without micro-managing them. Having high expectations for myself and others and teaching them how to take responsibility to meet those expectations (ie offering support)
Community connectsion
Leadership, passion and creativity
Leadership, positivity, modivational, music, photography
Hard work, work, work
Creativity and innovating thinking
Organizational skills to make start up operations happen
Patience, humor, sklls, friendliness, hard work
Patience, good listener, attentive
Independent worker, good listener, menoring
Project management with data analysis to bring ideas into reality
Translation from abstract to concrete, writing, grammarian, editing (especially fliers and things to out to public), physical organzation (tidy, clean, delgates), communication ideas
Attention to detail, ability to help direct others
Organizational skills, creativity, humor
Honesty, perserverance, analysis
Business plans, creativity
Leadership, empowerment, teamwork development, goal setting/planning
The gift of my wisdom, my talent for success, and the strength to follow through to the end
Patience, kindness, organization
Honor, reliability, ability to see the light in the darkness
My commitment and experience
True enthusiams, and willingness to suspend judgement and stay positive
I will call Brian to turn the power on
Work hard, do what needs to be done, help out anyone with anything I can
A positive attitude, hard work and dedication, communicating ideas
Being positive and doing what needs to be done
My smiling face
Calm positivity
Organization, ability to recognize strength of others
Ability to collaborate and conceptualize. Also ability to compromise. 
Communiation, vision, leadership and innovation.
Hard work, passion for students and employees, never ever giving up, smiles and humor
Leadership through relationships, follow-through, honesty, problem solving
Humor, dependable
Energy, humor and a strong back
I gots muscles and determination
Extraordinary patience
An open mind to both receive and ponder what other people bring to the table  
Management skills, organziational skills, computer knowlege, patience, people skills
Too apply very general cncepts to very specific instructional practice
Patient, kind, collaborative, systems focused, 'work like a dog'
Support, vision, stay out of the way of progress
Get it doneness, positive attitude, creative thinking, organziation
Idealism, enthusiasm, courage of conviction, passion. I like books and gardening with native plants. 
Ability to plan
Project design, motivation, team work, cultural understanding and collaboration
Mentoring, compassion
Helping to organize events, creative problem solver, work well with others to accomplish tasks 
With operational equipment needs, progress will bring change. Offer a positive and energetic environment. 
My smile 
Commitment to follow through with a plan
Action leadership
Persistance, patience and cheerfulness
Organizational skills, big persepctive, yes and …
All that I have to offer
A willingness to ask questions, involve a broader group of people, and recruit expertise as needed
Ability to motivate, strengths in learning difficult materials.
Support and understanding coupled with patience, dance moves. 
My ability to organize people who share a common vision
Creativity, passion, nurturing
Seeing the positive in people and situations.
Believing that a group of committed people can make positive change happen. 
Passion for my craft

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