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Early Childhood Education Program Accreditation

Southwestern received notice April 2012 of their accreditation approval by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) for the Early Childhood Education Program. For more information regarding the accreditation status and requirements, visit the NAEYC website at:http://www.naeyc.org/academy/


Accreditation by NAEYC is a national honor. Information from the website related the following information:

"Since 1985, NAEYC's national, voluntary accreditation system has set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and helped families identify high quality programs for their young children.
NAEYC Accreditation represents the mark of quality in early childhood education. To achieve NAEYC Accreditation, early childhood education programs volunteer to be measured against the most robust and rigorous national standards on education, health and safety. Today, nearly 9,000 NAEYC accredited early childhood education programs serve families around the nation.

Parents choosing an early childhood education program can be overwhelmed by trying to find the highest-quality program for their child. NAEYC Accreditation is the mark of quality that families are looking for. NAEYC Accreditation gives families the chance to make the Right Choice for kids.

The NAEYC Accreditation self-study process is about making your classroom or program an even better place for children's development and learning. It's the opportunity to acknowledge what your program is doing well, and identify areas where your program could be even better.

By engaging in self-study and pursuing NAEYC Accreditation, programs discover that they create a stronger and more committed team of teachers, administrators, and families who work together to continually improve program quality. Teachers and administrators find their work more rewarding. Families appreciate and seek out NAEYC-accredited programs for their children."

Published Feb 4, 2010 (Updated Sep 12, 2014)

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