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Crime Awareness and Campus Security

To reach Campus Security DIAL 541-297-4200

Or you may use one of the black emergency phones located in many of the college buildings.

This information is distributed to all students, employees, and any applicant for enrollment/employment on request.

Campus Crime

All criminal acts occurring on property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by Southwestern Oregon Community College should be immediately reported to Campus Security at 541-297-4200, and an Incident Report completed. College employees will be notified of criminal acts of murder, sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and car theft within 72 hours of the occurrence being reported through electronic mail, voice mail, and/or campus mail. Students will be notified through the associated Student Government.

All students and employees annually have access to this information that explains campus security procedures and practices. Campus security requires the combined efforts of students, staff, and Campus Security officers. Do your part by immediately reporting suspicious behavior, activity, or crimes to the College Campus Security Department at 541-297-4200. Annual employee in-service events, new employee orientation, and student orientations include information about campus security and crime prevention.

The College does not monitor or record criminal activities of students on properties other than those owned, leased, immediately adjacent to (e.g. public sidewalks), or otherwise controlled by Southwestern Oregon Community College unless engaged in College-sponsored or supervised activities.

Sex Offenses:

If a sex offense occurs (including rape, acquaintance rape, and forcible/non-forcible offenses) the victim shall immediately report the offense to the Director of Campus Security, or a Campus Security Officer. College employees are required to notify these authorities of sex offenses. It is imperative that evidence be preserved for prosecution of criminal offenses. Information about procedures for preservation of evidence are available from Campus Security, Coos Bay Police Department, Bay Area Hospital, Women’s Crisis Service, and the Coos County District Attorney’s office.

The College has no formal education program to promote the awareness of rape, acquaintance rape, and forcible sex offenses. If an offense occurs, services available for victims include counseling (Southwestern counselors and community professionals) and Women’s Crisis Service in North Bend.

The College will change a victim’s academic and living situation (if living in College housing) after an alleged sex offense, if requested by the victim and the changes are reasonably available. Options could include enrollment in a different section of a class, withdrawal without penalty, or other reasonable accommodations.

In cases of alleged sexual offenses, both accuser and accused are entitled to have others present during any disciplinary proceeding. Both accuser and accused will be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding brought alleging a sexual assault. Sanctions the institution may impose following a final determination of any institutional disciplinary proceeding regarding rape, acquaintance rape, and forcible and non-forcible sex offenses are detailed in the Student Conduct Code and Work Standard.

For the purpose of campus security policies, some types of criminal actions occurring on campus property will be investigated by the College’s Campus Security Department and the Coos Bay Police department jointly, including sex offenses. The College collects and discloses all information in accordance with IAW Pub. L. 102-26 Title II: Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, and Pub. L. 101-542.

In addition to the annual statistical disclosure, the College makes timely reports to the campus community on crimes reported to the Campus Security Department, the Office of Administrative Services, and local law/police agencies that are considered to be a threat to other students and employees. This is done to aid in the prevention of similar crimes. To report a crime, contact campus Campus Security at 541-297-4200 or complete a College Incident Report.

Incident Report forms are available from the offices of Campus Security, Facilities Services, Administrative Services, or the Print Shop in Tioga Hall.

Campus Security (24 hrs) 541-297-4200;
Administrative Services 888-7206;
Facilities Services 888-7250

Access To Campus Facilities

Campus facilities generally will be open when classes are in session. Offices, support spaces, and some instructional spaces may be locked to protect College property and individuals from injury. Facilities will be locked when classes are not in session.

Keys or access control cards will be issued to College staff or students with a continuing need to enter specific locations. Key request forms will be signed by the Vice President of Administrative Services prior to keys being issued.

Keys and access control cards shall not be issued for community use of facilities or for student use without the approval of a College representative. Community use will be scheduled and Campus Security shall provide access on a prearranged schedule.

Emergency access to campus facilities is available from the Facilities Services/Campus Security offices, 541-888-7250. After 5 p.m. and on weekends dial 541-297-4200.

College Campus Security

The College Campus Security staff is responsible for all security activities on campus and will provide any necessary assistance.

Individuals on campus (students, employees, visitors, etc.) should take active responsibility for the security of their personal property and safety. The College is not responsible for any personal property losses.

In the event of an emergency, use a black emergency phone. The black emergency phone will connect you to Gold Coast Security 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who will in turn contact Campus Security.

The College will maintain its grounds and lighting to ensure the campus is as secure as possible. Any security issues or concerns will be handled by the Director of Facilities Services, who may be contacted at ext. 7229.

Security Awareness and Crime Prevention Programs

Students and employees will be informed about:

  • Campus Security Procedures and Practices,
  • Crime Awareness and Prevention,
  • Rape Awareness and Prevention, annually by means of the college web site, informational brochures, posters, student handbooks, employee handbooks, student orientations and/or in-service programs.

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