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Student Ambassadors at Southwestern


Who We Are...

Our Boss - Tom Nicholls: Director of Admissions
Our Captain - Kari Robison: Admissions Coordinator
Us - Jai Lee Saldivar, Zach Sweeney, Amanda Fischer, Jessica Head, Katey Lee, Natasha Hill, Shayla Coleman, Kathia Sanchez

What We Do...

As a Student Ambassador, we represent Southwestern Oregon Community College to new and prospective students through several activities and responsibilities. We, as current students of the college, spend our days in class. As the day goes on and we have time on our hands; we lead tours around our campus to students and high school groups, we answer questions that students and prospective students have, and we do follow up calling to prospective students. We help with big activities including the 46th annual Alumni Party and Spring Preview. We pride ourselves in our strong leadership skills, motivation and enthusiasm, working with people, and our overall pride in SOCC.