Name: Nathan Helland
Position at ASG: Advisor

Nathan is our Advisor and is probably the coolest person on the planet....Nothing else needs to be said....

Name: Charlie Kloss
Position at ASG: President  (

Charlie is from Roseburg, Oregon and enjoys golf, hiking and adventures. He is at Swocc working towards his AAOT and then wants to get his BS in Petroleum Engineering.

Name: Frank Moreno  (
Position at ASG: Vice President

 Frank is oreginially from Santa Barbabra California, he enjoys reading, and talking to his friends. He is currently undecided in what his major will be. If he could be a Vegetable he would be a carrot.

Name: Kylee Bruder   (
Position at ASG: Secretary

 Kylee was born in Crescent City California and likes Track and field. She is currently majoring in being amazing! She also loves Asian Food.

Name: Jackie Pierce
Position at ASG: Communications Director  (

Jackie was born in Portland Oregon and enjoys volunteering at the boys and girls club! She likes Orange chicken and spaghetti.  If she had to choose one word to describe herself she would use outgoing.

Name: Kaitlyn  Fallon   (
Position at ASG: Activities Director

 Kaitlyn, graduated high school in Roseburg Oregon. She likes to take care of her pet pony.

Name: Alexis Horn  (
Position at ASG: Clubs Director

 Alexis graduated from Marshfield High school located in Coos Bay Oregon. She likes to go bowling and sand boarding. She also competitively bowls with a local team.


Name: Tim Edinfield  (
Position at ASG: Volunteer Services Director

 Tim was born in Yuma, Arizona, he is interested in non-profit organizations and volunteering. Tim is an Eagle Scout and is planning on majoring in Business Administration Management.

Name: Emily Peck (
Position at ASG: Sustainability Director

Emily graduated form North Bend High school and has spent a year abroad as a foreign exchange student in Madrid Spain. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She is also a Cheerleader for SWOCC. She enjoys hiking, and spending time with her younger siblings.

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