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Step 1: 

Individuals/groups planning to have an activity on Campus, Curry County, or Housing must fill out a Event/Activity Request Form at least 6-8 weeks in advance.  All forms must be submitted to the Office of Student Life.

Step 2: 

The Office of Student Life will work with individuals/groups looking to have an event/activity on campus to determine initial approval of event.

Step 4: 

The Office of Student Life will provide the following forms if the event or activity has been initially approved and explain the event/activity planning process.

  1. Institutional Sponsor Acceptance Form
  2. Planning Checklist Form
  3. Event/Activity Evaluation Form

Step 5:

The Institutional Sponsor Acceptance Form must be submitted to the Office of Student Life prior to planning of event and securing funds, facilities, etc.

Step 6:

Final approval of event will be given when the Planning Checklist Form has been submitted to the appropriate office (Office of Student Life, Office of Student Housing, or Curry Campus).

Step 7:

Once event is completed the evaluation form needs to be completed and submitted to appropriate office.

Step 8: 

Copies or originals of all forms must be submitted/forwarded to the Office of Student Life.

Step 9: 

Should individuals or groups fail to complete any of the required documentation the event/activity may be terminated or future events/activities may be denied.



  Schedule/Register Meetings

Administrative/Academic Department Sponsors

Event sponsors should register events with Student Life and Events for inclusion in the Campus Calendar.  

After you complete your request you will receive email from the Office of Student Life and Events that will confirm or deny your request.


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