Southwestern's Volleyball Team Information

Coach Speasl's Philosophy
The volleyball program has been traditionally one of the most successful programs in the NWAACC. The basic philosophy of the team revolves around a work ethic that is demanding and technically sound. The coaching staff believes in being prepared to be the best they can be at game time. In addition to being good athletes, it is also fundamental to the program that the players are  serious students.

The team goes through daily doubles in late August, then moves into regular daily practice during the season. The team also works three times a week on strength and speed training.

Practice and matches take on the main floor of Prosper Hall. Weight and speed training take place in the new weight room in lower Prosper Hall. The team plays and practices on the with the newest and most modern Senoh net system.

The Team
The team is comprised of athletes from Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, and California. Ninety percent of the Laker volleyball team members participated at the State Championships level with their high school teams.

Win/Loss Record
Southwestern is one of the most respected and feared teams in the NWAACC. The Lakers have been in the Northwest Championships or in the playoffs every year but two of the last 18 years.

Academic Counseling
It is important to understand Southwestern's commitment to insuring that our athletes are academically successful. Southwestern has a counselor assigned as a liaison between the coaches and faculty. Student-athletes must maintain a "B" average otherwise they are required to attend tutoring lab five hours a week. A short class is offered at the beginning of the year as an orientation to assure that each student-athlete meets all standards and maintains progress toward a degree.

Four Year Placement
Several Laker Volleyball players have made the transition to four year Colleges and Universities in Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington, California, Alaska, and North Dakota.

Success Story
Katy Gibson, a local graduate, had never played on a winning team before coming to Southwestern Oregon Community College. She was a player with a lot of talent that had not been given the opportunity to flourish.

Katy played her first winning season during her freshman year at Southwestern and by mid-season had assumed a starting role. The team had a successful year and participated in the Northwest Championships. She was voted team captain in her sophomore year and maintained a starting line-up position. Katy was recruited by the University of Hawaii - Hilo. In her first year she received a partial scholarship which progressed into a full scholarship. In 1997, her team was one step away from a National Championship. Katy went on to receive her Bachelors Degree in Marine Biology.