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Oregon Registry: Pathways to Professional Recognition in Childhood Care & Education

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June 30, 2010 Data Report

Welcome to the Oregon Registry Program!

The Oregon Registry: Pathways for Professional Recognition in Childhood Care and Education is a voluntary, statewide program to document and recognize the professional achievements of people who work in the childhood care and education profession.

The Oregon Registry recognizes two pathways for professional development:

  1. A degree or certificate pathway
  2. A college course credit or community based training pathway

The Oregon Registry recognizes that individuals may use a variety of sources to gain increased knowledge in the core body of knowledge for the profession.

The Oregon Registry Steps are the sequence from Enrollment through Step 12 in the Oregon Registry. Each step represents increased training and education in the Oregon Core Body of Knowledge for the Childhood Care and Education Profession.

The Oregon Registry:

The Oregon Registry:

The Oregon Registry recognizes the professional enhancements of:

If you have any additional questions or comments about the Oregon Registry, you may contact CARE Connections in Coos County at 541-888-1575 or 1-800-611-7555 and in Curry County at 541-469-5306 x254.