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Our experienced career coaches help you discover your interest and identify skills, explore careers, see what credits you've earned so far can apply towards, help you write resumes, do mock interviews, and find jobs and apply for them. Each member of our staff has access to school, community and state resources that help you get your career on track, but they also have specialities that may suit you best.


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Teri Grier
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If you used  the Oregon Career Information System in high school, you should connect with the more advanced version of it through our partner Southcoast Business Employment Corporation!  We will get you into the advanced version that allows you to explore job interest and skills that map to post-secondary programs, schools, and scholarships along with valuable tools for planning your life beyond your educational path.

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Career Blog:

Live It To Love It - Transforming the Working Experience

  • 09/28/2016 in Live It Blog

    It’s September - What Will You Be Doing in June? Things to think about when setting goals.

    BY: Teri Grier and Jenny Jones SOUTHWESTERN Oregon Community College For most of us, college is often overwhelming . Amongst taking classes, doing homework, and managing school life, we are also making a myriad choices that will impact our long-term future, yet most of us are still unsure of our professional goals as we make those choices! So, now is a good time to practice your personal process for creating, evaluating, and changing your professional goals. So, as you settle into your routine...
  • 07/18/2016 in Live It Blog

    Checklist for Developing Strong References

    BY Teri Grier SOUTHWESTERN Oregon Community College Professional references are often an overlooked part of the job search process. This is unfortunate, because prospective employers place a lot of weight on what your references say. It is important that you spend as much effort selecting and developing your references as you do preparing your application packet. What do employers look for from a reference? Who might be a good reference? How do you approach potential references? Do you contact...
  • 06/16/2016 in Live It Blog

    Ten Tips for Turning an Interview Into a Job Offer

    In today’s competitive job market, only the best candidates are invited to interview for a job. The average number of people who apply for any given job is 118 . Statistically, twenty-percent of those applicants get an interview, but repeatable anecdotal evidence puts the number of interviews over applicants at a much smaller number, usually only 3-4 people, because organizations don’t have time availability to interview more. Needless to say, then, making the most out of every interview...
  • 05/25/2016 in Live It Blog

    Do You Know Your Networking Style?

    It makes a difference in your work life. By Teri Grier Southwestern Oregon Community College When students first begin college, they may think that obtaining their degree will be enough to have the kind of career they want. While earning a degree is a huge accomplishment, other factors play a huge role into getting not only the first job, but all jobs after. Who you know can be a big part of it. How you utilize who you know is an even bigger part of it. In a National Public Radio interview...