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Southwestern Oregon Community College is dedicated to creating and supporting sustainability through action and education.  Throughout the first year of operations SWOCC Dining Services has implemented several practices that serve to reduce our carbon footprint and be good stewards of living what we teach.

The first action SWOCC Dining Services undertook was to eliminate all Styrofoam products that had been in use.  The product selected for current use is 100% compostable in 45 – 65 days.  This includes clear cups, utensils, and to-go containers.  

A Chef’s Garden was constructed in the summer of 2010 that supplies fresh produce for the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute and SWOCC Dining Services. There are also plans in development for a composting program.  This program will dramatically reduce the trash production of SWOCC Dining Services.  SWOCC Dining Services also recycles whenever possible.
Since the college took over Dining Services in September 2009 several changes have been made to daily operations.  All new equipment purchased is Energy Star rated and old equipment is recycled.  All cooking is done primarily from scratch and not using processed foods, eliminating extra energy and packaging. Cooking oil is recycled through a tallow redemption program.

We make every effort to use local suppliers & vendors in our food production.  Some of the local vendors include:

  • Day Ship
  • Stalk Market
  • Hallmark Fisheries
  • Umpqua Dairy
  • Abby’s Greens
  • Jake’s Mushrooms
  • Carlton Farms
  • Draper Valley Chicken

We continue to make strides to implement sustainable practices wherever possible.  

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