CS133WS Computer Language I: WEB Scripting

4 credits (3 lec 2 lec/lab hrs per/wk) This programming course introducing basic concepts of client-side and server-side scripting languages, emphasizing concepts of good website design and construction with the use of scripting languages. Programming focus is on modern event-driven, client-server software concepts. Prior HTML/XHTML knowledge and programming familiarity is required for success.

CS160 Computer Science Orientation

4 credits (3 lec 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) This course introduces students to the computer science field and profession. Students will be introduced to computer science, programming, careers, as well as societal and ethical issues surrounding the use of computers. Students will have the opportunity to participate in team problem solving.

CS161 Introduction to Computer Science I

4 credits (3lec 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) This course offers a history and overview of fundamental computer science concepts using an object-oriented programming language. Topics include object-oriented programming, software engineering, algorithm development, data representation, introduction to user interface design and sources of error.

CS162 Introduciton to Computer Science II

4 credits (3lec 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) This course covers software engineering principles and modern programming methods. Topics include event-driven programming for graphical user interfaces, recursion, stream, and exception handling. This course also introduces analysis of algorithms, sorting, and searching.

CS165 Mobile Application Development

3 credits (2 lec 2lec/lab hrs /wk) This class gives a broad exposure to application development on mobile platforms. Flavor for this class is the Android family of devices including tablets and smartphones. We start at the hardware level and work our way through the Java language building a spectrum of basic applications ranging from GPS mapping, media players, animation, and communication. We will also be touching on publishing your new app to the market. The starting point for application development begins here.

CS195 WEB Development

3 credits (2 lec 2lec/lab hrs /wk) This class introduces the basic elements of beginning web page creation using a text editor and HTML/XHTML. This class will focus on web terminology, basic HTML/XHTML coding to include hyperlinks, anchors, tables, forms and frames, design principles and accessibility issues. We will also begin to explore the availability of tools for web page creation, site management, validation and accessibility checks.

CS233WS Computer Language I Server Side WEB Scripting

4 credits (3lec 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) The course is designed to provide students with an introduction to programming web-based applications using a contemporary server-based programming language. Students will learn how to design, code, and implement interactive web pages with dynamically-generated content. Course assumes students have a working knowledge of HTML and client-side scripting.

CS244 System Analysis

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) This course will introduce methods and modeling tools used in the system development process. Emphasis is on structured analysis of computer information systems. Assignments will include the use of project management software, CASE tools, and graphics tools applied to problems similar to those found in systems in business and industry.

CS261 Data Structures

4 credits (3lec 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) Includes the topics of complexity analysis, approximation methods, trees, graphs, file processing, binary search trees, hashing and storage management.

CS271 Computer Organization

4 credits (3lec 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) Introduction to functional organization and operation of digital computers. Coverage of assembly language; addressing, stacks, argument passing, arithmetic operations, decisions, macros, modularization, linkers and debuggers.

CS275 Database Management

4 credits (3lec 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) This course is designed to be broader than teaching specific database products. It will address database development, a concept which includes data modeling, database design, and database implementation. It will identify the entity-relationship and object data modeling techniques, and the importance of normalizing data models. Techniques of implementing these models into a relational database scheme will be presented.

CS276 Advanced SQL

4 credits (3lec 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) Focuses on design, development and implementation of SQL programming for all types of relational database applications including client/server and Internet databases. Learn to write complicated interactive and embedded SQL statement and learn the implications of multi-user database applications.

CS297 Software Development Professional CAPSTONE

4 credits (3 lec 3 lab hrs/wk) This course addresses knowledge, skills and dispositions useful to IT professionals. Students will explore and acquire job exploration skills, effective interview skills, and search skills to optimize job market opportunities. An integrated approach is used to combine project design components relative to job goals and capstone activities to assist in entering the job market with an array of job and technical analysis and design skills.