HDFS140 Contemporary American Families

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  An introductory course in family studies that focuses on the diversity of the American family today as well as giving an overview of changes in the family environment and structure over time. Topics that influence families are included such as parenting, violence, gender, divorce, remarriage, economics, and culture. Prerequisite: WR121 with a grade of “C” or better.

HDFS222 Family Relations

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk) A practical and theoretical course examining communication patterns and relationships between adults, and between adults and children.  Emphasis is placed on understanding how the family affects the development of the child, along with the development of skills to use this knowledge to conduct individualized home visits with families with young children.

HDFS225 Prenatal, Infant, and Toddler Development

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk) This course introduces students to the theories and principles of child development beginning with conception, to prenatal, and through two years of age.  Emphasis will be placed on the physical, cognitive and social/emotional development of young children, including a strong focus on early brain development and the basic tenets of scientific research.

HDFS229 Development in Middle Childhood

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) This course will include the study of growth and development in six through eighteen year old children and adolescents.  Emphasis will be placed on physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development of this age group.

HDFS247 Preschool Child Development

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk) This course covers the principles of theory and development as they apply to the young child ages two and a half through five.  Emphasis is placed on physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth in preschool children. Students gain experience in observation to identify theorists’ key elements and indicators of child development.

HDFS285 Professional Issues in Early Childhood Education

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk) This Childhood Education capstone course focuses on the diverse professional roles of early childhood educators in our present society by synthesizing knowledge and experience in the areas of ethics, conflict resolution, leadership, advocacy, and current topics in early childhood education. It includes substantial work assembling the professional portfolio required for graduation for Childhood Education and Family Studies Degrees.

HDFS297 Parenting Education and Early Childhood Visitor Capstone

2 credits (4 lec/lab hrs/wk)This course is the capstone required for students applying for completion of the Parenting Education and Early Childhood Home Visitor Certificate. Students attend a series of community based parenting education classes in their local community and interview a home visitor in a program that serves young children and their families. A final written paper reflecting on their interview and experience in the parenting education classes in relation to the certificate coursework completed, along with a professional development plan for themselves as parenting education facilitators and/or home visitors, will complete the capstone requirement.

HDFS9284 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

0 credits (2 lec hrs/total) This course is to inform students on mandatory reporter laws in Oregon. It covers the processes of reporting, who is a mandatory reporter, confidentiality, the stresses of abuse and the indicators of abuse.