HUM204 World Mythology and Religion (Archetypal and Shamanic Mythologies)

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  The origins and character of world mythologies. Course explores the archetypal stories by which human consciousness shapes a sense of order and belonging in the natural and supernatural worlds. Emphasis will be given to the Shaman as storyteller, as living bridge between two worlds, as healer and shaper of community and culture.

HUM205 World Mythology and Religion (India and the Far East)

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) A consideration of the great myths of India and the Far East. This course will explore the foundation myths and the sacred texts which give rise to and inform the great religions of the region, particularly Hinduism and the vehicles of Buddhism. Consideration will also be given to the indigenous myths of the Orient and the ways of life they support: i.e., Shinto, Daoism, Confucianism.

HUM206 World Mythology and Religion (Middle East and Western)

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) Treats the great myths and religions of Egypt and the fertile crescent. Course also treats Celtic and Nordic beliefs indigenous to Europe, and the mystery religions of Greece. The influence of the ancient myths of early pastoral and agrarian cultures on the Hebrew, Islamic, and Christian religions will be considered, as well as the departure those religions make from the mythic character of the world from which they emerged.