MT101 Machine Tool Processes I

3 credits (1 lec, 4 lec/lab hrs/wk)  Introduction to machine tool technology including an overview of typical, traditional, and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines commonly found in industry. The function, basic operation and setup, and tooling will be studied, with practical application on lathes, milling machines, drill press, and grinders, and how blueprints and math are applied on the job. Introduction to bench work, basic measurement, lathe, and bench grinders.

MT102 Machine Tool Processes II

3 credits  (1 lec, 4 lec/lab hrs/wk) This second course in this sequence continues the study of machine tool operations and setup, with emphasis on the vertical milling machines, tool sharpening by hand and advanced lathe setups such as threading and tapering. Machine theory and precision measurement is studied and applied. Students gain sound understanding of why machine tools are the basis of manufacturing.  Prerequisite: MT101 with a “C” or better.

MT103 Machine Tool Processes III

3 credits  (1 lec, 4 lec-lab hrs/wk) In this third course of the basic sequence the student will study the operation and setup of the tool and cutter grinder and the horizontal bandsaw. Provides students with an opportunity to apply the skills developed in the two previous courses. Students will have the necessary understanding of why machine tools are the basis of manufacturing. More advanced machine setups will be studied and applied. The students will gain basic skills in the area of computer usage in the machine shop.  Prerequisites: MT101 and MT102 with a “C” or better.