NR201 Managing Natural Resources for the Future

3 credits (33 lec hrs total)  This course offers an overview of the complexities involved in managing natural resources in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere, exposure to major natural resources issues, and development of critical thinking skills useful in seeking solutions.  

NR260 Watershed Processes

4 credits (3 lec 3 lab hrs/wk) This course is about learning both the concepts and physical processes of water movement as well as the techniques to solve hydrologic problems and analyze hydrologic data. This class has a quantitative component. We are interested in quantify rates of water exchange between the atmosphere, the ground, and the ocean. The class is structured around the hydrologic cycle, which you can picture as a set of linked processes that cycle water between the ocean, atmosphere, and land surface. We will examine the individual components of the hydrologic cycle, as well as interactions between these components.

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