OA280 Cooperative Work Experience

1-6 credits (4-24 lab hrs/wk) Gain on-the-job experience in coordinator-approved office situations that closely parallel with field of study.  Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

OA205 Proofreading and Editing

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) This course is designed to prepare students to proofread and edit business documents. It includes a review of punctuation, capitalization, grammar and spelling as applied to producing and editing commonly used documents found in the business office. Use a reference manual, and learn collaborative document processing techniques. Prerequisite: WR115 or higher with a 'C' or better.

OA116 Office Procedures

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) Office Procedures presents the methods, concepts and procedures for business office operations. This includes understanding the office environment and organizing an efficient workplace.  It also includes information on office technology, communications, office ethics, scheduling, an overview of records management, meetings, travel and career advancement.  Prerequisite: CIS120 with a 'C' or better.

OA121 Keyboarding I

3 credits (2 lec, 3 lab hrs/wk) Presents principles of touch method typing.Typing speed and accuracy are developed through drills and practice using the touch method of typing. Students are introduced to basic production work in the form of business and personal letters, tables, manuscripts, and memos. This course is considered a supportive course. OA124 Keyboard Skill Building 3 credits (2 lec, 3 lab hrs/wk) Development of speed and accuracy utilizing a diagnostic approach to individual skill assessment and prescribed drill work. Prerequisite: OA121 with a 'C' or better.

OA124 Keyboarding Skillbuilding

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) Development of speed and accuracy using a diagnostic approach to individual skill assessment and prescribed drill work.

OA131 Legal Secretary Procedures I

4 credits (3 lec, 2 lec/lab hrs/wk) This course introduces the student to the law office, to the courts and to the law library; ethics and duties of the legal secretary; familiarization with national, state and local professional organizations; qualifications, duties and responsibilities of a notary public; the purpose, form and disposition of selected non-court documents; practice given to office documents and legal correspondence.  Prerequisites: WR90 and CIS125W with a 'C' or better.

OA220 Electronic Calculators

1 credit (2 lec/lab hrs/wk) The student will learn the ten-key system for machine operation and use of electronic, desk-top style calculators in the four fundamentals of mathematics. Four operations are used to solve applied business problems with speed and accuracy. Prerequisite: MTH20.

OA240 Filing/Records Management

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) This course provides a comprehensive study of filing systems, equipment, and criteria by which records are created, classified, stored, and retrieved according to the rules established by the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA).

OA292 Administrative Professional Capstone

4 credits (3 lec, 3 lab hrs/wk) This course offers students the opportunity to participate in dynamic business simulations that provide experience in working as team members in a professional environment. Includes practice in using integrated software skills, office procedures, oral and written communications, analyzing information, problem solving, decision making, prioritizing, and using time management skills. Prerequisites: BA205, 206, 224 and CIS245 with a 'C' or better.