PHL101 Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophical Problems

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  Introduces students to the philosophical quest for wisdom for the purpose of personal transformation: to understand themselves, reality, and their place within it by exploring fundamental questions and problems of metaphysics (the study of the nature of reality) and epistemology (the study of knowledge and truth) from a cross-cultural perspective.  Prerequisite: WR121 with a “C” or better.

PHL102 Ethics

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  Investigates the nature of moral philosophy by examining ethical theories from a variety of cultural traditions as well as issues in applied ethics such as just war and pacifism, euthanasia, environmental ethics and cloning. Enables students to develop and reflect critically on their own ethical stance. Prerequisite: WR121 with a “C” or better.

PHL103 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  Focuses on improving critical reasoning skills in academic studies and daily life by examining the basic concepts of logic and critical thinking; the use of language; propaganda and double speak; and informal fallacies in academic arguments, editorials, letters to the editor, and advertising. Attention given to writing arguments and position papers. Prerequisite: WR121 with a “C” or better.