PSY100 Introduction to Psychology

4 credits  (4 lec hrs/wk) This course is a survey of psychological perspectives into human behavior.  It introduces the student to the overall field of psychology to prepare them for advanced study in psychology. The course is designed to briefly touch on the major tenants of the discipline. This will  include a brief description of history and scientific methods and  biopsychosocial aspects of human behavior. The major emphasis will be on the practical application of varied topics. Prerequisites: WR90 and RD0753 with a 'C' or better or appropriate placement test scores.

PSY201 General Psychology

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  Introduces principles and theories of human behavior. Stresses scientific methodology, brain and other physiological influences on behavior, learning, sensory, and perceptual processes.

PSY202 General Psychology

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  Focuses on memory, consciousness, language and thinking, lifespan development, and motivation.

PSY203 General Psychology

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  Focuses on emotion, stress, health, intelligence, personality, mental disorders, treatment of mental disorders, and social psychology.

PSY228 Introduction to Social Science Research

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk)  This course is an introduction to the basic research methods used by social scientists. The course includes an introduction to statistical analysis, observational studies, survey research, and experimental design. Prerequisite: MTH60 with a “C” or better.

PSY231 Human Sexuality

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk) This course is designed to help students explore their attitudes and feelings regarding human sexuality.  It will promote an open examination of various dimensions of sexual behaviors and attitudes in a safe judgement free classroom environment.

PSY232 Psychology of Humor

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk) This course explores the psychological underpinnings of humor.  It includes a theoretical discussion of humor from research in cognitive, social, biological and developmental psychology.  It also explores practical ways to create and implement humor at home, in the workplace, and other personal encounters.  The goal is to enhance both our mental and physical health.

PSY237 Life Span Development

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  Designed to survey the major principles of behavior and patterns of change in people over the lifespan. Revolves around the area of development in physical, intellectual, social, personality and cross cultural diversity for infants, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Within the psychological framework, students will be able to research and apply development concepts to relevant problems in daily life.

PSY239 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk) This course discusses the diagnosis, etiology, and therapy of emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders.

PSY243/CJ243 Drugs and Behavior

3 credits  (3 lec hrs/wk)  This course is a basic introduction to the principles of drug action on the mind and body and the relationship of substance  abuse to crime and criminal justice administration. Drug metabolism and psychopharmacological research findings on legal and illicit drugs are addressed including drug effects, theories of abuse, legislation, enforcement strategies, policy options and treatment, and prevention strategies. Treatment issues and prevention models are related to diverse cultures, lifestyles, gender, age, and the needs of people with disabilities.