RD0751/0752/0753 Reading Skills

1-3 credits  (1-3 lec hrs/wk)  A series of courses that provides a systematic approach for identifying and correcting reading difficulties and improving reading efficiency through lecture instruction, skills development and practice. Students improve reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.  Prerequisite: Appropriate score on placement test.

RD80 Reading Skills I

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) Basic Reading takes a systematic approach to identifying and correcting reading difficulties and improving reading comprehension, fluency, and efficiency. These are achieved through lecture instruction, skills development, and practice on developing vocabulary and comprehension skills necessary for college reading and writing. Students learn strategies for vocabulary development and ways of identifying main ideas and supporting details. They also learn about the use of transitional words and phrases as well as analytical thinking.

RD90 Reading Skills II

3 credits (3 lec hrs/wk) This course develops the analytical reading skills necessary for college-level reading. Emphasis is on development methods of analyzing and critically evaluating college texts, development and enrichment of college-level vocabulary, and development of personal strategies for analytical reading. 

RD101/102/103 College Reading I, II, III

1-3 credits  (1-3 lec hrs/wk) College Reading presents a systematic approach for improving reading efficiency for those with a 12th grade and above reading level. Students learn an analytical method of reading non-fiction material, which can improve both speed and comprehension. Prerequisites: Appropriate score on placement test.