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Expanded Options Program

 What does SB-300 mean to you?

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The Expanded Options program provides eligible high school students early entry into post-secondary education.  It also emphasizes specific provisions and priorities for at-risk students. It's goal is to create a seamless education system for students enrolled in grades 11 and 12 to: 

  1. Have additional options to continue or complete their education;
  2. Earn concurrent high school and college credits; and
  3. Gain early entry into postsecondary education.


Who is an eligible student?


  • Someone enrolled in an Oregon public school, in grade 11 or 12 or are 16 years old or older at the time of enrollment in a course under the Expanded Options Program, has developed an educational learning plan, and has not successfully completed four years of high school.
  • A student who has completed course requirements for graduation, but who has not received a diploma, may participate in the Expanded Options Program.
  • An eligible student who enrolls in the Expanded Options Program may not enroll in eligible post-secondary courses for more than the equivalent of two academic years.

The Expanded Options program is a great way for a high school juniors or seniors to take a college classes on the Southwestern campus or online.  These college classes might also fulfill high school course requirements. Costs for tuition, fees and books are determined by the individual school district. Talk with your high school counselor or principal for more information.  

Once you have discussed options with your counselor, call or email Nathan Helland for an appointment. 

Nathan Helland
Phone: 888-7271
Email: nathan.helland@socc.edu

for more information visit the Oregon Department of Education's page about Expanded Options.

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