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Criminal Justice Current & Upcoming Courses

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. ”
―Randy Pausch 

Summer 2012 Courses

CJ 101* 01D        Introduction to Criminology Online
CJ 230*01D         Juvenile Justice System Online

Classes begin June 25 & conclude August 12, 2012


Fall 2012 Courses

CJ 100* 01           Introduction to Criminal Justice   SWOCC Campus

CJ 100* 01D        Introduction to Criminal Justice   Online
CJ 210*01D         Criminal Investigation   Online


Criminal Justice Course Descriptions link

NOTE: Every term, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer the Criminal Justice Department at SWOCC offers CJ 280 Field Experience courses in which students may earn 1-6 credit hours. Contact Trish McMichael at 541-888-7349, trish.mcmichael@socc.edu



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