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Procedures for Buying Books

Buying your textbooks is easy!

Curry Classes
If you are taking a class that meets in Curry county, you will purchase your books at the Curry Campus in Brookings. 

Online Classes
If you are taking an online class, you will order your textbooks through the online bookstore. To order, go to bookstore.socc.edu. Books will be shipped to your home address, or you can choose to pick them up at the Coos Campus or the Curry Campus in Brookings.


Selling your textbooks for cash is easy!

If you attended Southwestern classes, please bring your textbooks into the Curry Campus bookstore during finals week: Monday and Tuesday (Southwestern bookstore receipt required) or Wednesday through Friday (no receipt required). Check the bookstore or academic calendar for exact times and dates.

Southwestern bookstore will buy back only those books that will be used the following term for which existing stock is inadequate. 

Textbooks which are bundled with CDs, DVDs, study guides, and other components must be returned with all the pieces to be eligible for buyback.

Not all titles will be bought back. Titles not in use by Southwestern or titles that have met the quantity requirements for the bookstore may be eligible to be purchased at wholesale prices. Up to 50% of retail price will be paid for texts needed by Southwestern for the next term, only during finals week.

To check current textbook buyback prices and for more detailed information check the Southwestern Bookstore website.

Fall Term Book Buyback

December 3 - 6, Southwestern Bookstore receipt required; December 5 - 7, no receipt required.