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Oregon College Access 2012 Program

On March 15, 2012, at locations across Oregon, Oregon College Access Network members and friends will gather to discuss the future of college access and success in our fair state.

Registration is now open at the Curry Campus in Brookings.




Uniting Toward Oregon’s Goal

Thursday, March 15, 2012 at the Curry Campus in Brookings,

Register at the Oregon College Access Network website, or call 469-5017. There is a $10 fee to participate.

8:30 am        Registration and Networking Coffee

9:00 am        What is the 40/40/20 Plan really all about? (live-streamed from Linn Benton CC)

The 2011 Oregon Legislature passed something called the 40/40/20 Plan.  How does this political document affect our everyday working lives?  Is this just another passing fad, such as CIM and CAM, or will this have the staying power necessary to see results?  Ben Cannon from the Governor’s Office will walk us through 40/40/20 and spark our discussions on what it means in the work waiting for us back in the office.

10:15 am      Small Group Discussions of 40/40/20

Noon            Networking Lunch

12:30 pm     Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation (live-streamed)

How can you help motivate your students to achieve their dreams?  Join Gene Eakin and find answers to challenges that perplex all of us – Kids who were motivated in the third grade who seem to quit trying in the fourth grade, sixth graders entering middle school who seem to have given up on academics and their dreams for their life, ninth graders who start their high school careers earning two or more Fs at every grading period.

1:15 pm        Helping Undocumented Students Access Their Future (live-streamed)

Do you have undocumented students in your school or program?  Chances are, you do, even if they aren’t identifying themselves to you.  As college access providers, we need to be sure that we are serving all of the students in Oregon.  If you’re unsure about how to help your undocumented students access education beyond high school, please come to this session for real-world answers and encouragement.  If you’ve successfully helped your students plan for their post-high school lives, please come and share your experiences and successes with your peers.  Session presenters:  Alex Gonzalez, Gerardo Ochoa, Joel Perez (live-streamed from Linn Benton CC)

2:30 pm       Closing Session:  Student Panel: Learning From the Experts (live-streamed)

Come and learn from the experts: current students who have navigated through the process with a little help from their friends (that would be us).  Join Moderator and Oregon Student Association Chair Tiffany Dollar as she gets to know Crystal Finley, Ivan Merlin, Sabrina Miller and Wesley Smith and learns more about their past journey as well as where they’re headed.

3:30 pm       Adjourn

Published Mar 13, 2012 (Updated Jun 6, 2012)

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