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Disability Services for Students

What is a disability?

A disability is a psychological, physical, or cognitive condition that substantially limits a major life activity.

Examples of life activities are moving, communicating, seeing, hearing, thinking, sleeping, eating, etc. The disability can be temporary or permanent.

Mission of Disability Services for Students

The mission of the Disability Services for Students Office (DSS) is to create a barrier-free environment, to support and celebrate the uniqueness and individualism of students, and to challenge stereotypes and myths about disability. The mission of the DSS office is aligned with the mission of the college, fostering self-determination, lifelong learning and social contribution. The DSS office respects all people regardless of disability, economic status, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, ethnic background or sexual orientation.

Disability Accommodations and Etiquette (45 KB)
Download a list of accommodations the College has in place and for information on disabilities etiquette: Disability Accommodations and Etiquette.

Contact Info

Tim Dailey
Dean of Student Services
Educational Support Programs & Services

Room 9
Phone: 541.888.7439 or 541.888.7405
Fax: 541.888.7231