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Distance Learning Faculty Directory

Southwestern's distance learning instructors are made up of full and part-time faculty teaching IPV, telecourse and online classes. The full-time faculty can be reached through their office on campus.  Southwestern's phone number is (541) 888-2525. Part-time faculty do not have an office on campus but can be reached through email.

Name Phone Email
Albiar, Crystal   calbiar@socc.edu
Alexander, Christina  541-888-7255 calexander@socc.edu
Ames, Dorene    
Ashpole, Amber  541-888-7462 amber.ashpole@socc.edu 
Bennett-Stillmaker, Jerri  541-888-7342 jbennett@socc.edu
Birskovich, Daniel  541-888-7445 dbirskovich@socc.edu
Blossom, Kim    
Brouse, Daniel  541-888-7245 dbrouse@socc.edu
Buell, Honora  541-888-7223  
Bunnell, Robin  541-888-7339 rbunnell@socc.edu
Coles, Christine  541-888-7353 ccoles@socc.edu
Davies, Cheryl  541-888-7291 cdavies@socc.edu
Edwards, Jeffrey   jeffrey.edwards@socc.edu
Engelke, Jessica  541-888-7308 jessica.engelke@socc.edu
Evans, Joseph  541-888-7444 revans@socc.edu
Fields, Robert  541-888-1500 rfields@socc.edu
Fox, Joseph   joseph.fox@socc.edu
Friesen, Cari  541-888-7218 cfriesen@socc.edu
Garzelloni Dovale, Nilda   ndovale@socc.edu
Geierman, Christina   cgeierman@socc.edu
Gryzenia, Katherine   katherine.gryzenia@socc.edu
Head, Kari   kari.head@email.socc.edu
Herbert, Michael  541-888-7705 mherbert@email.socc.edu
Hite, Giovanna   giovanna.hite@socc.edu
Hoppe, Trevor  541-888-7279 thoppe@socc.edu
Jones, Jeremy  541-888-7800 jjones@socc.edu
Kebede, Kassahun  541-888-1507 kassahun.kebede@socc.edu
Kennedy, Kym   kym.kennedy@socc.edu
Kypriotakis, Kyriakos  541-888-7249 kkypriotakis@socc.edu
Loiselle, Mary  541-756-6866 mloiselle@socc.edu
Malafry, Hugh   hmalafry@socc.edu
Matson, Karen  541-888-7345 kmatson@socc.edu
Meier, Catherine  541-888-7336 cmeier@socc.edu
Miller, Sarah   samiller@socc.edu
Milligan, Jessie  541-888-7431 jessie.milligan@socc.edu
Montagna, Eleanor  541-888-7430 emontagna@socc.edu
Mueller, Alicia  541-888-7465 alicia.mueller@socc.edu
Murphy, Opal   omurphy@socc.edu
Parker, Veronica  541-888-1504  jparker@socc.edu
Petersen, Sally   spetersen@socc.edu
Potts, Laurie  541-888-7336 lpotts@socc.edu
Reel, Ron   ron.reel@socc.edu
Richardson, Dawn   drichardson@socc.edu
Riley, Ellen  541-888-1501 eriley@socc.edu
Rosen, Jessica   jrosen@socc.edu
Sellars, Jeffrey   jsellars@socc.edu
Shannon, Billie  541-888-7608 bshannon@socc.edu
Stagg-Brown, Linda  541-888-7318 lstagg-brown@socc.edu
Summerville, Rachele  541-888-7259 rsummerville@socc.edu
Tausch, Jenny   jenny.tausch@socc.edu
Vassar, Frederick   fvassar@socc.edu
Wakeling, Robyn   robyn.wakeling@socc.edu
Whitlatch, Adam  541-888-7228 awhitlatch@email.socc.edu
Williamson, Chris  541-888-7329 cwilliamson@socc.edu
Wilson, Mark  541-888-7498 mwilson@socc.edu
Wozniak, Marta  541-469-5017 mwozniak@socc.edu

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