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Southwestern offers online (distance, hybrid, web enhanced); telecourse; and IPV classes.

You must register for classes before signing up for an online class.

 A distance (D) class is fully online; there is no face-to-face instruction time.
 A hybrid (HB) class uses an online component to replace some of the face-to-face instruction time. There are  specific meeting dates and times for hybrid classes, but there is also the expectation that students will  spend a significant amount of class time online.
 A web enhanced (WE) class does not replace any face-to-face instruction time, but it does include an online component for additional work and resources to use outside of class.

To search for online classes for the term, visit myLakerLink and click on the Course Search link. 

** If a class is canceled or not offered, the sole remedy is a refund of the original cost of tuition.

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