Academic Advising

Academic advising provides students with advisor assignment and changes for students, schedule planning, degree information, academic and financial aid petition assistance.

Academic advisors are vital to the process of course selection and program planning. Any student who is enrolled full-time, pursuing a degree or certificate program, or receiving financial aid should have an academic advisor assigned by the Educational Support Programs Department in Stensland Hall. Academic advising for the Curry Program is available by appointment through the local offices in Brookings, Gold Beach and Port Orford.

  • Advisors help students clarify the relationship between their personal goals and program of study.
  • Advisors help students understand the requirements of classes and the options within programs.
  • Advisors work with students to evaluate the outcome of the placement tests and determine appropriate course placement.

Southwestern's goal for advising is to assist students in the process of developing a career or education track.

Within the Educational Support Programs and Services department, the counselors offer the following academic advising services:

  • Help students learn about Southwestern's programs and services
  • Identify college procedures
  • Obtain up-to-date information (curriculum sheets) about requirements for Southwestern Oregon Community College programs and degrees
  • Plan course schedules to meet personal needs and program requirements
  • Help facilitate the transfer process
  • Solve scheduling difficulties or problems
  • Identify ways to do well in class and feel satisfied about school

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