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Counselor vs Advisors

What is the difference between a Counselor and an Advisor?

Counselors are professionally trained to address personal issues, resolve academic anxieties, assist students in choosing career fields and majors, and problem solve other academic difficulties. With students on restricted academic or financial aid status, counselors work to develop individual success plans, which address the specific issues inhibiting academic success.

Advisors specialize in matters pertaining to your educational program: college policies, placement/assessment test interpretation, degree requirements, transferability, schedule planning, and graduation checks. Faculty performs ongoing advising. Every effort is made to match degree seeking students with faculty from areas of particular interest to the individual advisee.

Within Stensland Hall, we have both counselors and advisors available to assist you. Although counselors often advise students, advisors are not trained to counsel. Please be sure to make clear what kind of assistance you need when requesting an appointment. If you're not sure, someone will be happy to help you decide.

Advisors and Counselors can help you with the following issues:



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