Educational Support Programs & Services

Counseling Services

Personal counseling, career counseling, new student advising, transfer planning, and Human Development classes (e.g., College Success and Survival, Stress Management, Math Success, Career/Life Plan, and Stop Test Anxiety Now)

Tim Dailey: Dean of Student Services
Ron Bell: Counselor, Associate Professor
Carolyn Byrd: Student Support Services Counselor
Beverly Segner:  Counselor, Full Professor

Counselors are available to discuss personal, career or educational concerns. Sessions are private and confidential. All counseling services are provided free of charge. Career Interest Inventories are available at a nominal fee for use in career counseling.

To determine whether you are in need of a counselor or an advisor, click here.

Counseling Information

Access to Services
Students generally need to schedule an appointment in order to meet with a counselor. Arrangements will be made to see a student in crisis as soon as possible. Should you seek services with us, in your first visit with a counselor, you'll be asked to talk about your concerns. At that time, your counselor will work with you in deciding whether the services offered by our staff will best meet your needs, or whether a referral to another office/agency would be in your best interest.

Personal Counseling
Personal counseling focuses on such concerns as self-esteem, interpersonal communications and relationships, stress management, and crisis intervention. Some of the specific issues we deal with are anxiety, substance abuse, depression/suicide, conflicts with parents/spouses/children, dating issues, coping with past or present abusive situations, and grieving. If you have a personal concern and aren't sure where to go for help, our staff will likely be able to assist you.

Career Counseling
Our office offers several career interest inventories including the Myers Briggs (MBTI) and the Strong.  We can also connect students with the Career Information System (CIS), an online resource which assists students to explore their interests, abilities, and values giving specific information about individual careers. HD 208, Career/Life Plan, is also offered each term to assist with career decision making.

Educational Counseling
Help in resolving academic problems including test anxiety, academic petitions and financial aid petitions, is available through our office. HD 100 College Success and Survival classes are offered for new students to assist with their college adjustment and long-term educational planning.

Information from counseling sessions is confidential and will be released to individuals outside of the Counseling and Testing Services only with your prior consent. More information on this policy is available through our office.