Family Center Staff

  • Director: Laurie Potts 
  • Faculty: Early Childhood Education - TBH
  • CE & FS Program Assistant (Childhood Education and Family Studies): TBH
  • Cook: Sharon Hartung
  • Educare Preschool Lead Teacher and Practicum Supervisor: Daniel Birskovich 
  • Educare Team Leader: Audra Ashcraft
  • Teaching Assistants: Vickie Hennessey and Amanda Peck 
  • Pathways to Positive Parenting Specialist: Kathy Barber 
  • Pathways to Positive Parenting Assistant: TBH
  • Child Care Resource and Referral and QRIS Specialist: Jocelyn Hamner
  • Child Care Resource and Referral Curry County: Elizabeth Cohen (housed in Brookings)
  • Nurturing Center Coordinator: Linda Pezanoski
  • Nurturing Center Life Skills Coach: Danaye Leonard
  • Nurturecare Team Leader: TBH
  • Nurturecare Assistants: TBH

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