Financial Aid

Financial Aid at Southwestern

Southwestern Oregon Community College offers a number of financial aid programs in the form of grants, loans, tuition scholarships, and employment. Students interested in financial aid are encouraged to apply online at or to contact the Financial Aid Office for information and application forms. Funds are limited and students should apply early.

2014-2015 Deadlines for FAFSA and ALL Additional Paperwork
Terms of Enrollment FAFSA Deadline Deadline for Submission
of Additional Paperwork
Required of Every Financial Aid Applicant
Summer Term 2014 January 24, 2014 April 25, 2014- Contact our office if attending
Fall Term 2014 March 1, 2014 July 10, 2014
Winter Term 2015 June 1, 2014 October 17, 2014
Spring Term 2015 August 1, 2014 January 30, 2015