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Getting Your Financial Aid

Accepting Your Aid Package
When you receive your Official Award Letter, you are accepting the financial aid represented. Refer to the back of the letter for more information.

Disbursement of Funds
You must be eligible for your financial aid at the time of disbursement.

All financial aid and scholarship funds are credited directly to your account and any funds remaining after tuition, fees, and other charges will be disbursed to you within 14 days of crediting your account.

Funds are disbursed after the institutional refund period and after your enrollment status has been determined. Your enrollment status is determined at the close of business day on Friday of the second week of the term. Disbursement amounts are based on eligible credits as of that date and cannot be adjusted at a later date.
Disbursements are made via check and electronic funds transfer (EFT). Disbursement will occur beginning Friday after the full refund period of each term and on each Friday thereafter.

Student Loans (Stafford, PLUS & Alternative) - loan disbursements to students are subject to a 30-day waiting period from the first day of the first term. Subsequent disbursements will be available at the same time as all other funds.

Account Balances
You are responsible for all college charges regardless of whether financial aid is received. If you still owe the college after your grants/scholarships have transmitted to your account, you must contact the Student First Stop Center to make arrangements for payment of the remaining balance at the time of registration.

Dropping Classes

  • If you drop all of your classes during the term, you may be required to pay all or a part of your financial aid back.
  • If you drop all of your classes during the term, you will automatically be placed on aid withheld for future terms and will need to petition for reinstatement.
  • If you drop one or more of your classes during the term and have a prior request for reinstatement on file, you may go back on aid withheld.

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