Alaska Loan Steps

  1. Students are required to apply for federal student aid using the online
    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  2. Students that are not eligibile for Federal aid do not have to complete the required paperwork process at Southwestern, however, students still need to apply using the FAFSA so we may determine the proper Expected Family Contribution (EFC) when calculating your available loan amount.
  3. Students that do qualify for Federal aid, will need to complete all of the required paperwork at Southwestern so we may determine your federal aid eligibility which is required before determing your state aid loan eligibility.
  4. Alaska Loan recipients are subject to the same requirements for entrance counseling, degree requirements and exit counseling as the Federal Stafford Loan Program recipients.
    a. All loan recipients are required to complete the online Loan Entrance Counseling prior to a loan being certified by Southwestern.
    b. You must be in attendance at the time the loan is certified.
    c. Loan applications may be submitted starting July 1st of each year.
    d. You are required to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements as listed in the Award Information Booklet that was enclosed with your unofficial award package.
    e. At the end of the year, you will be required to complete an Loan Exit Counseling session.
  5. Once you have completed steps 1 - 3, access the State of Alaska website to apply for the loan funds.
  6. After you have completed the loan application process with the State of Alaska, the Student Loan Coordinator will receive an electronic notification. Please allow two weeks to process your loan request.
  7. You will be sent a loan approval form in the mail notifying you of your loan certification, the amount the was certified for, disbursement dates for each term and any other conditions of your loan funds.
  8. If you have questions regarding this process, you may contact the Student Loan Coordinator by email.

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