Veteran Programs

All Southwestern Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science degree programs are approved for VA benefits by the Veteran's Administration.

Contact the Veteran's office at

The Veteran's Administration requires information concerning each veteran student’s enrollment, date of interruption or termination of training, change in the number of credit hours and unsatisfactory progress or conduct. The benefits you receive from the Veteran's Administration (VA) are subject to specific terms and conditions. You will be given a VA Pamphlet of Responsibility that outlines the terms and conditions at the time you meet with the Veteran's Clerk. The pamphlet contains the signature portion which needs to be signed, dated and returned to the VA office immediately. This will become a permanent part of your file.

Mandatory Advising Requirement - All first-time VA students will need to meet with an advisor that has been specifically trained for our veteran students. This meeting is designed to properly evaluate the required courses for your degree so that you may receive your VA benefits. If you will be pursuing a degree after leaving Southwestern, you may be eligible to receive funding for transfer courses and will need to discuss this with your advisor at the time of your advising session. Please contact the Educational Support Program and Services Office at 888-7371 or at 888-7405 to make an VA advising appointment.

Attendance - To maintain benefit payments, veteran students must attend classes. It is the responsibility of each registered veteran to officially withdraw from the College if he/she does not desire to attend classes. The veteran should then notify the Veterans Service Office, which will notify the Veterans Administration. Failure to do so may result in an overpayment to the student, which the student must repay.

Developmental Courses - When a veteran student attempts to enroll in developmental courses for more than two terms, an assessment of needed courses will be made and forwarded to the Veteran's Administration stating that continued enrollment in developmental courses is useful and necessary. If such a determination is not made, the student will not be certified for continued enrollment in these courses.

Change in Credit Load and Program Requirements - All VA students are required to notify the VA representative of any course changes during the current term as a change in enrollment status may affect your VA funding. For this reason, all VA students will be placed on hold after the refund period to ensure that students notify the VA representative. This means that students must have all current term add/drop forms signed by the VA clerk before processing them at the Student First Stop Center. Early registrations for the upcoming term will also need to be processed at the Student First Stop Center. You may register using myLakerLink starting with finals week and through the first week of each term.

Program of Study - All veteran students must have a declared major and may receive payment only for courses required to complete the major program. Students using Veterans benefits may only pursue a program approved by the Oregon Department of Education, the State Approving Agency (SAA). Not all certificate programs are approved. Consult with the Veterans representative before registering.

Transfer of Credits - Veterans who enter as transfer students, or who have completed any college-level course work, are required to have all transcripts forwarded to the Transcript Evaluator for evaluation. Failure to have transcripts evaluated will result in termination of benefits to the veteran student at the end of the second term of enrollment. Veterans may also be eligible for credit from their military training by submitting a challenge form to the Student First Stop Center.  See the Veteran's clerk or the Student First Stop Center for the required forms.

Hour Requirements - To receive full-time pay, the student must take a minimum of 12 credit hours; for 3/4 time pay, the student must take nine credit hours; and to receive 1/2 time pay, students must take a minimum of six credit hours. During summer session, full-time pay is based on eight credits.

Satisfactory Progress - Satisfactory progress is defined in the College catalog; however, the Veteran's Administration requires that students receiving benefits be terminated after two terms of less than a 2.0 GPA. If VA benefits are terminated, you will receive a letter indicating what steps you will need to take to seek reinstatement of your VA benefits. In addition, students that are placed on Academic Probation will be required to meet with their advisor to discuss their situation and to be informed of resources to assist you while attending classes. The school will maintain records, available to both the veteran and Veterans Administration, which show the final grade for each subject attempted.

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