Welcome to the Student First Stop Center!

The Student First Stop Center provides a variety of services to students: general campus information; student employment services; payment for tuition and fees; admissions and registration; transcripts; financial aid to help with the cost of college.

We urge students, parents and the community to self-serve by utilizing Southwestern’s website and myLakerLink. myLakerLink will take care of your registration, payment and transcript needs. myLakerLink also provides assistance in Financial Aid, schedule planning and many other needs.

The Student First Stop Center is available in person, by phone and by email if additional assistance is needed.



Southwestern is committed to providing persons with disabilities access to Southwestern programs. Reasonable accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities when a request for accommodation is made at least 20 working days prior to the start of a course requiring registration or five working days prior to the start of other Southwestern activities. Call 541.888.7439, 541.888.7405 or 800.962.2838 ext. 7439 or 7405; or visit Educational Support Services and Programs (ESPS) in Stensland Hall on the Coos Bay Campus.

Complaints of discrimination or harassment by administration, faculty members, staff, students or individuals seeking the services of the institution may be filed under the provisions of the College. File the discrimination complaint through the Affirmative Action Officer. A grievance procedure is provided to insure that due process exists for those persons (students, staff or general public) who allege that their rights at Southwestern Oregon Community College have been denied, abused or diminished. For more information, contact the Vice President of Administrative Services, Tioga 512, or call 541.888.7402 or 800.962.2838 ext. 7402.

A Student Conduct Code and Rights and Responsibilities, along with a formal student grievance procedure, approved by the Southwestern Oregon Community College Board of Education can be found online.

For more information, contact the Dean of Students, Dellwood Hall, Room 16, or call 541.888.7366 or 800.962.2838 ext. 7366.

Southwestern Oregon Community College is dedicated to the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse among all segments of the College community. For more information, contact the Educational Support Programs & Services (ESPS), Stensland Hall, 541.888.7405 or 800.962.2838 ext. 7405.

The Student First Stop Center maintains all official academic records of students including Applications for Admission, transcripts, registration forms, transfer credit and degree evaluations. The Financial Aid Office maintains all records of student aid and scholarship records.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA or Buckley amendment) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) protect the confidentiality of student records and student access to those records. Under the provisions of the FERPA and OARs, the educational institution must designate the information it will release without the written consent of the student as directory information, and protect the confidentiality of all other student records. By being FERPA compliant the College in turn maintains Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) compliance.

It is the intent of Southwestern to designate the following data as directory information: Student’s full name; the fact that the student is or has been enrolled in the College; local and permanent addresses and telephone number(s); e-mail address; date and place of birth; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; weight and height of members of athletic teams; dates of attendance; class level; major field of study; number of credit hours (not grades or GPA); degrees and awards received; the most recent educational institution attended by the student; job title(s) and dates of employment for student employees who have been or are paid from College administered funds.

The student may prohibit the release of any or all of this directory information by filling out the Restrict or Release form in the Student First Stop Center. A request to withhold this information will remain in effect until the Student First Stop Center receives written instructions from the student to remove the hold.

Directory information and other personally identifiable information may be released to College officials who have a legitimate educational interest, or to comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena. The President of the College may release personally identifiable student information to appropriate persons in connection with an emergency if knowledge of such information is necessary to protect the health or safety of persons and/or safety of property.

Students have the right, by pre-scheduled appointment, with the Executive Director of Enrollment Management to access their educational records, as defined in OAR 582-41-410, as well as to challenge the correctness of those records, to request amendment of those records and, in case of dispute, to obtain a hearing (OAR 581-41-450). Students may not request a hearing under this policy to challenge a grade, only the accuracy of its recording. Students who wish to inspect their records must schedule an appointment with the Executive Director of Enrollment Management. If students request a copy of any document in the records, a copy charge will be assessed. This does not include transcripts, which can be obtained from the Student First Stop Center. Students may forfeit the right to receive an official transcript if they have an outstanding accounts receivable with the College, or has been notified that their transcript may be withheld. For further information regarding student records, contact the Student First Stop Center.

Responsibility for Payment

Tuition and fees are assessed when the students register. Students are responsible for payment arrangements at the time of registration. Account balances under $400 require payment in full or students may be withdrawn if payment is not received within five days of registration. Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card. Please make checks payable to Southwestern Oregon Community College. Tuition and fees may be billed to an employer or an agency if the College has received the appropriate authorization.

Students have the option to set up a payment plan with monthly payments. A non-refundable fee of $32 per term is charged for the payment plans. Students that are under 18 years of age, Southwestern requires a payment plan be made in the parent or guardian’s name. For payment options, please visit the Student First Stop Center in Dellwood Hall or call 541.888.7352.

Payments Table
Plan Type Monthly Payments Fees
Term 3 $32
Pay In Full At time of registration $0

All delinquent debts will accrue interest at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum in addition to a $30.00 per billing cycle (monthly) late fee. Accounts with balances after the term begins will be set up on a Payment Plan, which has a $32.00 per term contract preparation fee. If a student receives any form of financial aid during the loan payback period, the funds will first be applied to the balance to repay this loan. Students will pay all attorney’s fees, collection costs, and any other charges necessary for the collection of any monies owed to Southwestern. Students are responsible for all financial obligations regardless of receiving a statement. There is a charge for returned checks per college procedure.

Students who do not meet their financial obligations may be subject to, but not limited to:

  • Being administratively withdrawn from course(s) which shall include loss of any tuition and fees paid and the permanent loss of all credits and/or grades for the term in which the withdrawal occurs;
  • Withholding a certificate, diploma, or degree;
  • Prohibiting subsequent registrations until debt is paid.

Students who have a delinquent accounts receivable or who are in default on Payment Plans, Emergency Tuition Loans, Stafford and Perkins Loans, Title IV, or who have other college debts will be allowed to register once the debt is paid in full or acceptable arrangements are made at the Student First Stop Center. Delinquent accounts over 90 days old from the time of registration may be sent to collection agencies.

Military Tuition Assistance Policy
Southwestern Oregon Community College has an institutional policy that returns any unearned Military Tuition Assistance (TA) funds on a proportional basis through the 60 percent of the period for which the funds were provided. Military TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending. In instances when a Service member stops attending due to a military service obligation, Southwestern Oregon Community College will work with the affected Service member to identify solutions that will not result in a student debt for the returned portion.

Full policy available for download here.


Students who stop attending their courses during the term must formally withdraw by either dropping their courses through myLakerLink or by submitting a drop form with the Student First Stop Center.

Refunds are computed from the date of the formal withdrawal, not from the date you stopped attending courses.

Refund Table
5 weeks or longer Last business day of the second week
1 week to less than 5 weeks Second day of the first week
1 week or less Day before course first meets
"R" symbol next to course 5 business days prior to the day of the course

For courses five weeks or longer, a 100-percent refund is given if the formal withdrawal is completed by the end of the last business day of the second week of classes.

For courses that are scheduled to meet more than one week and less than five weeks, a 100-percent refund will be given if the formal withdrawal is completed by the end of the second day of the first week the course is scheduled to meet.

For courses that are one week or less in duration, a 100-percent refund will be given if the formal withdrawal is completed by the end of the day before the first meeting. This applies to courses that start on the first day of the regular term (summer, fall, winter, spring) or at some other time during the term; it is possible that a student would have to withdraw from a course before the course actually meets to receive a full refund.

Courses preceded with an “R” symbol in the schedule have a refund period of five business days prior to the day of the course. Students who feel that their circumstances are extraordinary and warrant exception from this process may appeal with documentation to the Student First Stop Center by completing a Request for Refund and Exception to Procedure form. Requests must be submitted within the current term.

The refund process begins the third week of the term in which the students are enrolled. Students who receive financial aid funds will receive a refund after any funds owed to the College or the U.S. Department of Education are deducted. When the refund amount is less than $5, students will be notified by mail to come to the Student First Stop Center to receive a cash disbursement. Students owing less than $5 should make payments at the time of registration and this will serve as notice of the amount due.

Student withdrawing from courses after the refund period are responsible to pay the balance due on any federal student loans, payment plans and accounts receivable.

Registration Process

In order to assure that all available class seats are filled with students - both registered students and students from the waiting lists - Southwestern enforces an attendance policy.

Instructors may administratively withdraw students from classes if the students do not attend 100 percent of class meetings and associated labs during the first week of each term. Additionally, all instructors may administratively withdraw students from part-term classes (those which do not span the entire term) if the students do not attend the first class session. Students who are unable to attend the first class meeting  must contact the instructor by phone, fax, e-mail or in person prior to the first class meeting if they wish to avoid administrative withdrawal. Southwestern Oregon Community College is not responsible for liabilities associated with the administrative withdrawal of students.

Any student whose behavior disrupts the educational process of a course can be administratively withdrawn from that course. It is the procedure of Southwestern Oregon Community College that an individual will be subject to involuntary administrative withdrawal from campus and related instruction if it is determined, by clear and convincing evidence, that the individual is suffering from a physical, emotional and/or behavioral disorder and as a result of the disorder engages or threatens to engage in behavior which:

  • Poses a danger of causing physical harm to self or others;
  • Could cause property damage; or
  • Could directly and substantially impede the educational process and/or the lawful activities of others.

The College reserves the right to request for good cause a physical, psychological or psychiatric examination of a student any time the examinations may be in the best interest of the College and/or the student. The College shall pay for the examinations.

To change a major or specialization, students must complete the Change of Major form and return it to the Educational Support Programs & Services (ESPS) office or, in Curry County, to the advisor. Changes to majors made within the second week of the term will apply to the current term. Changes made thereafter will apply to the following term. For graduation and class scheduling purposes students need to use the catalog year in which they declare their major.

Students must have the instructors’ signatures on the add/drop forms to add courses after the first week of the term. Students may withdraw from a course or from college through the end of the second week of the term or within the course’s refund period without responsibility for a grade. Withdrawing after the refund period will result in “W” grades on transcripts. Students may withdraw until the Wednesday before finals week. Students are strongly encouraged to consult the instructor before withdrawing to ascertain their status in the course.

When students register for courses that are full, they are placed on a waitlist. Students in waitlisted courses will be notified by their Southwestern e-mail when seats are available and they have permission to register via myLakerLink or at the Student First Stop Center. Students are given three (3) days to register. The waitlist ends the Thursday of the first week of classes. Afterwards with instructor consent, students may register in the waitlisted courses.

A course that must be completed prior to another course is a prerequisite. Many courses have prerequisites that can only be waived with instructor consent. Instructors will sign the add/drop form or the Student Registration/Prerequisite Waiver/Overload form available at the Student First Stop Center. Students may be withdrawn from courses if they have not completed the prerequisites from the prior term. Students may request that the prerequisites be waived if the student have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the course. The form is located at the Student First Stop Center. Online students contact Educational Support Services and Programs (ESPS) at 541.888.7405 or 800.962.2838 ext. 7405 for assistance.

Students planning to register for a course that requires instructor consent must have the instructors signature on their registrations or add/drop form, or the instructor must approve the course through use of the College’s computer system for the students to register via myLakerLink.

Students who are interested in taking a class but do not need the credit may choose to audit credit classes and pay only 50% of the regular tuition.* Students auditing classes participates fully in the class but are not required to take tests and does not receive grades. To qualify for the audit discount, registration is required within the refund period. Fees and registration procedures are the same as when the students take the class for credit.

*Discount applies to tuition only. Students are responsible for all course fees. Some classes are not eligible for this discount because they have prerequisites or require admittance to a program (e.g. Nursing). Non-Southwestern web classes are not eligible. Some classes are fee-based rather than having tuition (e.g. web classes, OCCI and community education classes that are self supported) and are excluded from the discount. For more information, call the Student First Stop Center at 541.888.7352 or 541.469.5017.

The Student First Stop Center provides these services to students:

  • Provide general campus and registration information (we are your starting point)
  • Registration
  • Process waitlists (we notify you when you have permission to register)
  • Process and resolve all student account issues (what is my bill for, where is my financial aid?)
  • Process student payments
  • Provide information for setting up payment plans
  • Disburse financial aid and tuition refund checks
  • Assist with and answer all of your financial aid questions
  • Intake of requested financial aid paperwork (after the FAFSA is filed)
  • Assist with myLakerLink questions, issues, and updates to your record
  • Process enrollment verifications (for student loan deferment, insurance or employment issues)
  • Process your official grade transcript requests (you request it in myLakerLink and we send it out)
  • Evaluate all incoming college transcripts into Southwestern credits 
  • Process course challenges, advance placement, and CLEP
  • Supply and process most applications (admissions, graduation, exception to policy, request for refund, academic suspensions)
  • Visit us for your LakerOne card (bring a picture ID with you)
  • Questions? call us at 541-888-7352 or email: firststop@socc.edu

Mission - To provide students with educational assistance and resources as they enter the college environment and continue to achieve their goals.

Requesting Southwestern Transcripts

Request your official transcripts: 

The first seven (7) transcripts requested per academic year are free of charge.

Additional transcripts cost $10 each. Please call the Student First Stop Center to pay by credit card when requesting your additional transcripts via fax or WebAdvisor. You may also record your credit card information on the Transcript Request form, or mail a check with your request.

Transcripts are confidential; therefore, your request must be signed and dated. Transcripts ordered by mail or fax may take up to seven (7) business days. (During non-peak times).  

Transcripts will only be processed if your account balance is current, all holds are resolved, and complete and legible addresses are provided.

Unofficial transcripts may be obtained by accessing myLakerLink.

If you need assistance, please contact the Student First Stop Center.  

Visit us: Dellwood Hall
Call us: 541.888.7352 or 800.962.2838, ext 7352
Email us: firststop@socc.edu

Transferring to Southwestern

Students who transfer to Southwestern and plan to complete a degree and/or receive financial aid must complete the application for admission process and have official transcripts from all colleges previously attended sent to:

Southwestern Oregon Community College
Attn: Transcript Evaluator
1988 Newmark Avenue
Coos Bay, OR 97420

Course credits transferred from other accredited colleges or universities are evaluated in terms of equivalency to Southwestern courses and/or applicability to Southwestern programs. All credits of the cumulative grade point average (GPA) are transferred, even though some of the credits may not apply to a student's Southwestern program.