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Time is running out for Laker Club Charter Membership

The Southwestern Oregon Community College Laker Club Alumni Association is continuing to honor all new members as Charter Members through June 30.

Current and past students at Southwestern all are invited to take part, and the club still will be registering individuals for free memberships after June 30.

All past students, regardless of the number of credits taken, are invited to participate in the club, which is free to all members and carries the benefit of invitations to College events, a quarterly e-newsletter and opportunities for networking and maintaining relationships with other students, as well as the College. Since the college started in 1961 with 266 students, more than 200,000 different students have taken classes at Southwestern.

Those interested in participating can contact the Southwestern Foundation Office at 888-7209, or by e-mail at ndoll@socc.edu.

Published Apr 29, 2009

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