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Vision 2010 winners announced

An exhibit of nearly a hundred works of art from aspiring high school aged artists was unveiled Friday at the Coos Art Museum as a part of Vision 2010, a high school art competition. The event, also sponsored by the Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation, kicked off last Friday with lunch at Oregon Coast Culinary Institute, other activities at the college, and an awards presentation at the museum.

The Coos Art Museum will exhibit the artwork from March 5 to April 10.

The event features four divisions of ninth through twelfth grade students from schools throughout the Southwestern Oregon region. The Best of Show winner was Shayla Lee from Coquille High School, who dazzled the judges with an acrylic medium simply titled “Self Portrait.” Lee will receive a $250 cash purchase award and two-year tuition waiver scholarship to attend Southwestern.

First Place in Show went to Oceana Rain Fields of Pacific High School. Her pastel and charcoal work called “Malaria” earned her a $100 cash purchase award and a two-year tuition waiver. A pen and ink work entitled “Quilty Iguana” won Abby Pettinger of Brookings High School Second Place in Show, a $75 cash purchase award, and a two year tuition waiver.

The Southwestern Foundation will retain the work of the top three prize winners for the Southwestern Foundation Permanent Student Art Collection.

The remaining students vied for four cash awards of $50 for first place, $40 for second place, $30 for third and $20 for fourth in each grade division.


Best of Show: Shayla Lee, Coquille High School, “Self Portrait” (Acrylic)
1st Place in Show: Oceana Rain Fields, Pacific High School, “Malaria” (Pastel & charcoal)
2nd Place in Show: Abby Pettinger, Brookings Harbor High School, “Quilty Iguana” (Pen & ink)

12th Grade Division, 1st Place: Ashley Sargent, Coquille High School, “Phantoms” (Colored pencil)
12th Grade Division, 2nd Place: Sonya Paramo, Reedsport High School, “Aunt Cindy” (Acrylic)
12th Grade Division, 3rd Place: Chris Carr, Pacific High School, “Skull Candy” (Digital art)
12th Grade Division, 4th Place: Christian Watson, South Umpqua High School, “Lighting the Shadow” (White charcoal)

11th Grade Division, 1st Place: Tessa Zamora, Marshfield High School, “Constrained” (Linocut)
11th Grade Division, 2nd Place: Robin Hill, Bandon High School, “Self Portrait” (Mixed media)
11th Grade Division, 3rd place: Maya Uribe, Hidden Valley High School, “Onion Flower Triptych” (Photography-digital)
11th Grade Division, 4th Place: Briana Gutierrez, Brookings Harbor High School, “Summer Breezes” (Acrylic & graphite)

10th Grade Division, 1st Place: Karissa Fults, North Bend High School, “Portrait” (Prismacolor)
10th Grade Division, 2nd Place: Louie Deraita, Brookings Harbor High School, “Under a Red Umbrella” (Pen & ink)
10th Grade Division, 3rd place: Lisa Donato, Marshfield High School, “Silver Falls” (Photography-digital)
10th Grade Division, 4th Place: Cassidy Jones, Brookings Harbor High School, “Golden Days” (Acrylic & chalk)

9th Grade Division, 1st Place: Heidi Breidenbach, South Umpqua High School, “Rock Face” (Acrylic)
9th Grade Division, 2nd Place: Christina Commons, Hidden Valley High School, “Autumn Still Life” (Charcoal)
9th Grade Division, 3rd place: Angelina Decker, Mapleton High School, “Ringo Starr” (Acrylic)
9th Grade Division, 4th Place: Laura LaGesse, North Bend High School, “Ballet Feet” (Graphite)

Published Mar 9, 2010 (Updated Feb 23, 2012)

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