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Southwestern Scholarships


Since Southwestern Oregon Community College opened its doors in 1961 with 266 students, more than one-hundred thousand students have attended the college. One out of every six adults in the college district takes a class at Southwestern each year. Southwestern has had a positive impact on almost every family in the college district. We all know education is expensive, and numerous scholarships are one way we help to make it affordable. Each year, the Foundation in partnership with the College, administrators and extensive scholarship program provides $800,000 annually in direct assistance and tuition waivers to students attending Southwestern.

Thanks to the continuous support of our generous donors, the Southwestern Foundation was able to award over 120 students $120,000 in scholarships.

Foundation Scholarship Applications

Early Bird Surprise 
First completed Application turned in will receive an Early Bird Surprise!

Nursing Scholarships for the 2014/15 academic year is now included with the Foundation Scholarship Application. As of next year there will NO longer be a separate application for Nursing students.

Randy Carpenter Memorial Scholarship requires a letter of reference from the Fire Chief.  

Completed applications are due in the Foundation Office by March 3, 2014.

The Grossman Emergency Scholarship is for SWOCC students who are experiencing an emergency situation that would prevent them from attending current classes. $250 Maximum amount per student per academic year.


Other Scholarship Opportunities

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