High School Connections

High School to College Connections

Register for college courses in your high school classroom!

High School Students
High school students looking for options for taking college classes at SOCC should contact their high school counselor. For additional assistance, contact Nathan Helland at 541.888.7271 (1.800.962.2838) or nathan.helland@socc.edu for an advising appointment to discuss options for taking college classes.

Home Schooled Students
Home schooled students should contact Nathan Helland at 541.888.7271 (1.800.962.2838) or nathan.helland@socc.edu for an advising appointment to discuss options for taking college classes.

If you are under 18 or in High School and want to attend Southwestern but not receive high school credit, or are taking classes outside of school hours, complete the Underage Student Agreement and Student Record Form.  

Visit the "Under 18 or in High School" Information page in the Admissions website to download the forms.

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College Now
An articulation agreement between Southwestern and all local high schools allows students the opportunity to receive dual high school and college credit for specific courses which are held at local high schools. These college level courses, including both academic and career/technical courses, are offered free for students who meet academic requirements. Capable students have the opportunity to take transfer level college courses (Writing, Math, Science, etc.) while remaining in the high school setting.

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Career Pathways
A career Pathways Certificate opens the door to a solid start in obtaining employment and educational goals. Each Certificate requires just a few courses which also give credit toward an associate degree from Southwestern Oregon Community College. The student decides how far to go and at a pace that is comfortable.

Trio - Talent Search

TRIO-Talent Search/Upward Bound
SOCC has three federal TRIO programs that service over 1250 middle school and high school students in the SOCC region. The programs offer college preparation to students that have the potential to be the first in their families to graduate college with a bachelor degree.

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Enhanced Options
High school juniors and seniors might have the opportunity to take college course on the Southwestern campus or online which would also meet high school graduation requirements.

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Math & Skills Day
At Math & Skills Day, Southwestern joins with South Coast Educational Service District (SCESD) to bring in-district high school students to campus to compete in a variety of contests. The ten high schools participate.

Laker Club

Laker Club
Join the Southwestern Laker Club!  If you have enrolled in a class, you are eligible to join the alumni at Southwestern.